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Our Philosophy and Approach

As a fiduciary advisor acting on your behalf, we believe comprehensive financial planning must be tailored for each and every client. In an ever changing financial landscape, it is our strong conviction that no two clients are alike in their situation, and their specific goals and objectives. We pride ourselves on taking a team approach at NFP to help put together and maintain your financial plan. Through our team, and our strategic partners, we are able to provide our clients with specialists in the various areas of personal financial planning. We strongly encourage our clients to work with us on a holistic planning basis but we also offer specific scopes of engagement as well.

We also feel that, in order to provide the highest quality of planning, it is paramount that we operate as a fully independent financial planning practice. At NFP, we are independent advisors, agnostic to the financial products we recommend. We do not own or gain incentive from recommending specific financial products. When products are needed, we use our partners to scour the financial marketplace to recommend to you what we feel is the appropriate fit for your situation and needs.

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